Bonjour foodies, I have a question for you, can you make French macarons at home? The answer is yes you can! They’re easy and delicious, but sometimes a little daunting for the uninitiated. So, what’s the answer?

Learn how to make macarons at home!

Macarons are easy to make at home!

That’s right, you can join my interactive, live streaming, class through ChefPassport on the 15th of July, the day after France celebrates “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” on Bastille Day. In this online class I’ll be teaching you how to make this beloved confection.

What you’ll need to Macarons:

One of the great things about macarons is they’re easy to make, and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment either! All you’ll need are:

Optional goodies are flavours or colourings, chef Kit recommends raspberry, and to use paste food colourings, not powders or runny liquids!

Where’s the recipe? Well, you’ll have to wait for that until you’ve booked your seat! Yes, that’s right, the recipe won’t be available to the general public right away.

So, you’ll need to click on THIS link, book yourself a seat, and make sure you’re online for the class! Then you too can make macarons at home!

I look forward to seeing you on July 15th, and helping you to make some amazing macarons!

Ps; here’s the local start times for around the world:

Event start time: 

  • 10:00 AM London
  • 11:00 AM Paris
  • 1:00 PM Dubai
  • 2:30 PM New Delhi
  • 5:00 PM Singapore & Hong Kong
  • 7:00 PM Melbourne

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