While much of the world is in #LockDown and isolation, it’s a great opportunity to take the time to Learn to Cook Online with ChefPassport.

With a dedicated team to support your learning experience, there has never been a better time to master some culinary arts from the comfort of your own home.

Chef Kit, your in-house chef at Larder Pantry and Garden, is one of the chef facilitators at ChefPassport, and is there to guide you through a range of cuisines.

Teaming up with LarderPantryandGarden‘s Chef Kit, ChefPassport worked with LuxDates to launch a ‘Singles Mingle during Weekend Cooking Classes’ event on 4th April, 2020.

Hosted online, via Zoom, ChefPassport introduced a number of guests to the joys of Greek cooking with me, chef Kit. Over the course of 1.5hrs I instructed a class of 8 eager cooks in preparing Tzatziki, Horiatiki Salata, Keftedes, and Saganaki.

Claudia from LuxDates had this to say about Chef Kit:

Certainly Chef Kit was a highlight! I enjoyed how she structured the class from easy to more advanced culinary techniques. She also gave us some pro-tips, and helped everybody build the confidence to produce a delicious meal in the comfort of their own kitchen. Even though we were all in our homes, in different countries, there was this feeling of community, which is what I had aimed to create.

Claudia, LuxDates founder post event interview.

Whilst Kit’s recent posts have been focused on Greek recipes, you can also rely on her to learn to cook; Italian, Spanish, French, German, British, American, Australian, Canadian, Mexican and a whole range of other regional foods.

Chef Kit's page on ChefPassport website

So, hop on over to the Kit’s page and book in a class to Learn to Cook Online with ChefPassport!

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