Recently I was interviewed by ChefPassport, as part of their Spotlight Interview series. It was a great experience, and is a lead up to one of their special online invitation-only events this weekend.

Partnering with Luxdates, ChefPassport are hosting a unique get-together. Who are Luxdates? It’s an internet dating site that’s not backing down from the challenge of helping users find love.

For instance, even in the age of #LockDown and #CoronaVirus taking over the world, Luxdates isn’t afraid to try something new.

Learning the culinary arts online might be daunting for some. But, imagine doing that only with strangers who you’re hoping to get to know.

That’s pretty much what I’ll be doing, minus the dating.

I’m their Chef for the evening, and they’ll be learning how to cook some of my favourite recipes, including Horiatiki, Tzatziki, Keftedes, and Saganaki.

It’s a special event that will run for approx. 1.5 hours, and will be a load of fun!

Therefore, this interview was done so the participants could get to know a little bit more about me; why I’m a chef, what inspires me, and what I hope to inspire in them,

Above all, it was a great experience being interviewed by Danielle for the ChefPassport Spotlight Interview. Surprisingly, I learned a few things about myself I didn’t know!

If you’d like to read more about the chef behind, then you can read the full interview here.

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